Watch: No Lines & No Protective Gear At Local Pennsylvania Hospital Drive-Thru Testing Center


I drove over to check the scene out today, it was raining but I got some footy that should give an idea of what is going on in a smallish city like mine in SE Pa of about 150,000. This is the newest and largest hospital in our area.

They were doing tests and had one section of a lot cordoned off for the operation with several tents including one at the entrance.

A few points of interest:

  • The people doing the initial acceptance into the testing queue were not wearing PPEs while dealing with drivers that may be infected... some are armed with tasers.

  • Personnel performing tests are not changing PPEs between tests.

  • PPEs did not appear to include goggles or splash-shields of any kind.

  • Parking is about 80-85% capacity.

  • It looks like they are filling small propane tanks at the entrance for some reason.

  • There is a sign at that same propane station to check in there before entering hospital.

*  *  *

Sorry if I sound a bit sleepy and run down, I guess I am lol… was also wearing a mask so it probably sounds stuffier than it should but oh well.

h/t BFD