Wearing Masks Could Be The "New Normal" As States Attempt Economic Restart

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Apr 16, 2020 - 11:40 AM

As some states prepare to reopen their economies in early May, a "new normal" is starting to emerge in a post-corona world: face masks.

Governors of Connecticut, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania have just issued orders or recommendations that residents wear face masks while out in public, reported Reuters.

"If you are going to be in public and you cannot maintain social distancing, then have a mask, and put that mask on," said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

So, there's a problem: Most Americans do not have access to 3M N95-99 masks and are wearing flimsy surgical masks and or makeshift masks. While a mask of some sort is better than no mask, not having the proper medical equipment could lead to further transmission of the virus. Just watch the simulation below, a COVID-19 carrier coughs in a supermarket, releases an aerosol cloud of the virus and infects others. The right gear saves lives.

Last week, New Jersey and Los Angeles issued new social distancing orders for residents to wear masks. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly, on Tuesday, said residents must cover their faces when in public.

California Governor Gavin Newsom suggested that wearing masks in public could be a trend for some time.

"We are going to be getting back to normal; it will be a new normal," Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said.

President Trump has said the federal government, not governors, will make the call on reopening economies across the Heartland. However, there's been pushback from some officials who say reviving the economy too soon could lead to a second coronavirus wave.

This is exactly what Morgan Stanley believes, a potential second wave of infections could strike around November/December timeframe.

And to make matters worse, social disobedience developed on Wednesday afternoon when protesters led by conservative and pro-President Trump groups surrounded the state Capitol building in Lansing, Michigan, demanding Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer to cancel the stay-at-home order and reopen the economy.

Some of these protestors were wielding AR-15s and other types of rifles, as it is becoming evident that a month of lockdowns, crashing the economy and resulting in high unemployment, has angered the public.

With the overall economy in freefall, stumbling into a depression, reopening businesses to early could result in a second coronavirus wave. That is precisely what is happening in China at the moment, as the communist government tried to reopen businesses in mid-February, now faces a possible second wave.

And if you want to know the future of masks, it could be AO air's atmos faceware. The company touts an independent test via the Auckland University of Technology, specifying that the high-tech mask is 50 times better than traditional masks.  

To reopen an economy, it appears governments will force their residents to wear masks. Welcome to the post-corona world.