WHO Advises EU To Restrict Alcohol Sales During Lockdown

The World Health Organization (WHO) published a statement Tuesday that read European governments should restrict the sales of alcohol to citizens as nationwide lockdowns continue. 

The statement read, "during the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol consumption can exacerbate health vulnerability, risk-taking behaviors, mental health issues, and violence." 

The WHO's European office said, "Existing rules and regulations to protect health and reduce the harm caused by alcohol, such as restricting access, should be upheld and even reinforced during the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency situations." 

It also said, "alcohol compromises the body's immune system" and can lead to higher probabilities of contracting the deadly virus. During the pandemic, people should "minimize their alcohol consumption" to build up their immune system. There was also mention that Europeans are known for their "excessive" consumption of alcoholic beverages. 

While the WHO attempts to persuade European countries to enforce alcohol restrictions, the European Union (EU) published a note on Thursday morning detailing how mobile apps are being used to contain the spread of the virus. 

Last week, France admitted that it was working on a "StopCovid" app that would march the country, and even maybe the bloc, towards an Orwellian society. 

It appears the pandemic has been a perfect cover for governments to implement totalitarian measures to control and track their citizens, all in the name of "flattening the pandemic curve." 

When it comes to banning alcohol sales, France already tried that last month, and because of public and internet uproar, the measure was quickly reversed. 

It was reported that Greenland had banned alcohol consumption in the capital Nuuk and nearby settlements in a bid to decrease incidences of child abuse as people stay inside to avoid spreading the virus. 

More recently, Thailand banned sales of alcoholic beverages in an attempt to curb irresponsible socializing. 

As for the US, alcohol sales surged 22% at supermarkets for the week ending March 28 compared with the same time last year, according to Nielsen data. Banning or limiting sales in the US would be hard, and if the WHO attempted to instruct the Trump administration on it, well, we believe it wouldn't fly, considering Trump is now defunding the NGO. 

Nevertheless, angry Americans would riot if sales of alcohol would be limited or banned. Already, they are pissed about lockdowns, as protesters on Wednesday surrounded the state Capitol building in Lansing, Michigan, demanding the economy to be reopened. 

Is the WHO overreaching as it calls for the EU to ban or restrict alcohol? Or do they have some valid points?