Woman Who Spent $100,000 To Look Like "Blowup Doll" Is Facing Complications From Cosmetic Surgeries

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Dec 13, 2019 - 06:25 PM

Color us surprised.

A woman who, by age 24, has had $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery to make herself look like a "blowup doll" is now suffering from complications.

According to the NY Post, Mary Magdalene has modified her body with a brow lift, three nose jobs, cheek and lip fat transfers, three boob jobs, 20 dental veneers, “Brazilian butt lifts,” numerous lip fillers and a “custom-designed” vagina.

She is on a quest to acquire "the fattest labia in the world," according to the article.

Because, you know, you've got to have goals in life. 

But her surgeries have resulted in swelling and pain that requires frequent trips to a doctor. She told Jam Press: “It’s a lot better than it was [but] I have complications with the fat, so I will need to keep getting vagina injections to even it out. I am worried about one side, because it keeps growing. I think it’s probably from the swelling.”

But she claims the surgeries are worth it, because he confidence has risen dramatically. She started stripping at age 17 to begin funding her appearance. 


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"I feel horny when I look at myself," she said. 

Magdalene is one example of nearly a quarter of a million cosmetic surgeries that were performed last year. There were more than 17.7 million procedures performed last year. 

Magdalene has 144,000 Instagram followers and claims her look often causes people to "have car accidents and ask for her hand in marriage". One fan offered to ditch his wife for her, she says, but she turned him down for being "broke and ugly". 

And - get this - aside from being a stripper, she's also an artist. 

“I have been making paintings with my vagina. So this surgery has really inspired me to be more creative as well,” she said. 

She concluded: “If the vaginal injections don’t work, they’ll do a surgical revision. But the doctor told me not to worry. So I’m trying to relax.”

Godspeed, Mary. Godspeed.