20 Year Old Colorado College Tennis Player Dies Unexpectedly In His Sleep

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jan 13, 2023 - 07:20 PM

We hate to say it, but another day, another mysterious and unexpected death of a seemingly normal collegiate athlete. As we wrote yesterday, either there is a new focus in media on reporting about the untimely deaths of athletes and young adults, or something very odd appears to be taking place across the country.

Jack Madison, a sophomore on the Colorado College men's tennis team, passed away in his sleep on January 2nd, a new report from the Gazette, published yesterday, confirms. Colorado College vice president and director of athletics Lesley Irvine commented: "We are devastated by the tragic passing of Jack Madison."

A sought after athlete, the piece notes that Madison was recruited "out of Bexley, Ohio, where he was a two-time all-state selection at Columbus Academy." His cause of death has not been announced.

“As a community, we grieve his death and loss and hold all who cared for and loved Jack in the light during this time of grief, especially his family and friends,” the college said in a statement obtained by FOX. 

“He loved tennis and being part of CC’s tennis team, for which he was recruited. He engaged fully with campus life in a myriad of ways, embracing CC to the fullest. Jack was observant, super imaginative, creative, and independent-minded. His humor, deep thinking, and generous spirit were a gift in his friendships and to all of us," it continued.

Madison's death follows a growing list of mysterious deaths and medical episodes among young adults and athletes:

  • On January 12, 2023, we wrote about 18 year old Jordan Brister, a Las Vegas High School student who collapsed and died in the bathroom after gym class.

  • His death came the same week as the death of another Las Vegas High School student. Brister's collapse was on January 8, 2023, and another student, 16 year old Ashari Hughes, had died just three days prior "following a flag football game at Desert Oasis High School" and suffering a "medical episode". 

  • Also in the first week of January 2023, we wrote about 21 year old Air Force football player Hunter Brown, who suffered a "medical emergency" while walking to class and passed away.

  • In the opening days of 2023 the MMA world was also shocked at the unexpected death of 18 year old Victoria Lee, a rising star on the the ONE Championship MMA promotion.

  • In January 2023, we also highlighted Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien collapsing on the court during the middle of a game.

  • His collapse came a little more than a week after NFL player Demar Hamlin collapsed on the field due to cardiac arrest after making what appeared to be a routine tackle.