American Ponzi

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jan 12, 2023 - 11:20 PM

Authored by Hardscrabble Farmer via The Burning Platform blog,

The first question that came to mind as the closing credits rolled on the Netflix documentary Madoff The Monster of Wall Street was why?

Why would they make a movie like this that connects as many dots?

The film lays out so many of the obvious truths of how America and the economic systems we have come to depend upon are nothing more than a colossal fiction, a fraud operating at every level and throughout every aspect of our Government, and the institutions we have come to think of as our culture.

And then it hit me.

The purpose of this revelation is to serve as cover for the even larger Ponzi scheme that is SBF about to unravel, and eventually, if I suspect correctly, the death blow that will be discovered when BlackRock is finally shown to be the exact same kind of Ponzi scheme as all the others. When the final downturn in our economic collapse goes into full Krakatoa and wipes out every last vestige of economic stability in the Western World.

The central underlying explanation for what transpired is based upon the rickety tripod of incompetence, misplaced altruism, and bad luck. Had it not been for the crisis of 2008, Madoff’s scheme would have continued to be as successful as it was up to 2007. Had it not been Madoff’s central concern to please people, he never would have made the kinds of promises he did. Had it not been for a couple of low level SEC examiners who weren’t properly trained, it would have been caught sooner. None of these explanations pass the sniff test of course.

From the beginning the SEC with their bloated multi-billion dollar annual budget do little if any work on anything other than drawing paychecks and providing cover for large scale institutional level white collar criminals to operate without fear of accountability. Without the greed of the people helping to run the operation anyone with two eyeballs and a heart beat would have been able to discern what was going on inside the offices of Madoff’s criminal empire in a week or less.

Had it not been for the gullibility and rank stupidity of the American people the common denominator between all of these parties, save for a few, low-level associates, would be readily discernible. The producers do not want anyone to notice these obvious signs of just how the global banking and economic systems really operate because if they were made clear there’d be a revolution tomorrow.

Our entire system is a Ponzi scheme. Everyone is in on it. The government is a Potemkin village, populated by a criminal syndicate that is raping the American people and stealing every last thing of value right before our eyes, with impunity. On occasion when it becomes so obvious that nothing can conceal the crimes, they’ll toss one of their associates overboard to placate the roiling masses before quickly moving their shop to another 17th floor.

This documentary is an absolute must see for anyone with even the slightest interest in how things are going to, in the not too distant future, play out in the last days of the dying Empire that was once America. The only requirement is to watch it unfold without listening to the rhetorical assurances of the ones trying to pull this polished wool over your eyes, but as you would a true con man with his hand on your wallet. In the final analysis the greatest con of all is in how this story is told by Netflix rather than the shoddily constructed grift that was Madoff Investments.

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