Apple Tops $3 Trillion Market Cap, Bigger Than Britain's GDP

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jan 03, 2022 - 06:45 PM

Apple first topped the $1 trillion market cap level in August 2018. It wasn't until September 2019 that  it retook the trillion-dollar market and began accelerating.

The March 2020 COVID collapse wiped half a trillion dollars off the company's value - back to the magic $1 trillion level - before Fed largesse ripped the company to $2 trillion in August 2020 (a double from the March 2020 lows).

And now, Tim Cook sits atop the world's largest company with a $3 trillion market cap...

The iPhone maker’s share price has surged throughout 2021, leaving it up more than 200% since COVID first sent the world into lockdown early last year.

That is bigger than the GDP of UK, France, and India and closing in on Germany's economic output.

How did we get here? Goldman has one driver:

If I allocate $1 into the SPY ETF: This is what happens - 6.3 cents to MSFT, 6 cents to AAPL, 4.4 cents to GOOG/L, 4 cents to AMZN, 2 cents to TSLA, 2 cents to FB/MVRS, 25 cents every $1 Equity Allocation goes into these 6 stocks.

If I allocate $1 into the QQQ ETF: This is what happens - 11 cents to AAPL, 11 cents to MSFT, 8 cents to GOOG/L, 8 cents to AMZN, 6 cents to TSLA, 4 cents to FB/MVRS, 48 cents every $1 Spicy Growth Equity Allocation goes into these 6 stocks.

The magic price was $182.86 (based on the latest filings shares outstanding)...

All this market cap means Cook can throw more money at Beijing officials and keep that dream alive (until Xi decides otherwise).