Arctic Blast Could Produce Next Snowmaker For Northeast

Freezing temperatures will return to the central and eastern regions of the US this week as an arctic front sweeps out the mild weather. This could result in the next snowmaker for parts of the mid-South and Northeast by Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday, reported The Weather Channel

The jet stream will dive southward over the central and eastern states as a cold front slides through the Plains, Midwest, and into the East during the day. The frigid weather will first affect the Northern Plains and the upper Midwest on Tuesday. Highs will be around zero through mid-week for parts of Dakotas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


The cold front will continue the march southward into the evening and overnight. Arctic air is expected to collide with moisture in the mid-South and Northeast by the afternoon into evening hours, which could change from rain to snow. 

The change over could occur in rush hour for parts of central Arkansas to northern Mississippi, western and Middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky, and West Virginia.

By late Tuesday, the Arctic air will slide into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, changing rain to snow for stretches of the I-95 from Washington to Boston. 

Morning commute on Wednesday morning for Northeast travelers could be troublesome with snow expected in the morning. 

Preliminary forecasts show that Washington to Boston, specifically along the I-95, could see 1 to 3 inches. Regions with high elevations could see higher amounts.