Biden Sexual Assault Accuser Livid Over Bill Clinton Speech At DNC

Joe Biden sexual assault accuser Tara Reade is livid at the prospect of former president and accused sexual deviant Bill Clinton speaking in a prime slot at this week's Democratic National Convention.

According to the New York Post, Tara Reade thinks it's "unconscionable" that Clinton would appear.

"The Democratic National Committee has made it clear to survivors that they enable and they uphold institutionalized rape culture by allowing Bill Clinton to be a main speaker," Reade told the Post, adding "He has a history of sexual misconduct."

"It is unconscionable that Bill Clinton is a main speaker, and this is coming from someone who voted for him. This is coming from a multi-generational Democrat."

Reade said she believes Clinton is a sexual predator. “This is based on talking to two of the survivors and also the court documents that have now been released because of Ghislaine Maxwell.” -New York Post

Reade accused Biden of forcing her up against a wall and penetrating her with his fingers in the spring or summer of 1993, after she was told to bring him a duffel bag. When she resisted his advances, she said Biden became annoyed and said "Aw, man. I heard you liked me."

He then pointed his finger at her and said, "You're nothing to me," according to Reade's allegation, after which he said "You're ok, you're fine," before walking away.