Bill DeBlasio And Wife Chirlane McCray To Separate, Date Other People While Still Living Together

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jul 06, 2023 - 06:00 PM

Former New York Mayor Bill deBlasio, most notable for overseeing the complete and total shut down of the economic epicenter of the United States and raising taxes to a point where numerous corporations defected to Florida, is separating from his wife of 29 years.

And what would a deBlasio separation be without a progressive curve ball? deBlasio and his wife are going to date other people and still live together, Fox News reported this week. 

"I just want to have fun," his wife, Chirlane McCray, said this week in a longform interview with the New York Times where they announced the plan to separate. McCray was notably skeptical of deBlasio's 2020 Presidential run, which she called a "distraction" at the time, the report says. 

The New York Post asked McCray if her separation had anything to do with his 8 years as a "deeply unfavorable" mayor, to which she replied: “Oh, yes, absolutely!”

“How can you be a couple in the fullness of what you tend to think … when you’ve got this responsibility on your shoulders and you don’t want to add to that?" McCray said, alluding to deBlasio's time as a politician. “There’s a certain weight … that goes with being with Mr. Mayor,” she added.

Meanwhile, deBlasio confessed to being “emotionally very needy” during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Everything was this overwhelming schedule, this sort of series of tasks. And that kind of took away a little bit of our soul.”

The decision to separate became a talking point in the deBlasio household when he asked his wife two months ago “Why aren’t you lovey-dovey anymore?” 

Another potential red flag that the couple should have noticed years ago, perhaps? Fox News wrote that: "De Blasio went on to acknowledge that McCray had been calling herself a lesbian when they first met."

He told the Times: "For the guy who took the chance on a woman who was an out lesbian and wrote an article called ‘I Am a Lesbian’ … there was a part of me that would at times say, ‘Hmmm, is this like a time bomb ticking? Is this something that you’re going to regret later on?’"

Great question, Bill. Can't figure out why your deductive reasoning skills didn't translate to a more successful tenure as Mayor...