Dramatic Footage Reveals Boeing 737 Tanker Crash In Australia

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 07, 2023 - 05:35 PM

Update (Tuesday):

Yesterday we reported a Boeing 737 jet converted for firefighting crashed in southern Western Australia while fighting wildfires. But there were no images of the crash.  

Surfacing on Twitter earlier Tuesday is footage of the 737 engulfed in flames after what appears to be a crash landing. 

The good news is both pilots walked away from the crash. There's still no word on what triggered the plane to come down. 

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A Boeing 747 air tanker crashed Monday afternoon while fighting a wildfire on Western Australia's southern coast, according to the local media outlet WAtoday

The Boeing 737 Fireliner National Large Air Tanker crashed around 4:15 PM local time near Fitzgerald River National Park. The plane was involved in firefighting efforts at the time of the crash. 

Both pilots survived the crash and were rescued by a quick-response helicopter team.  

“The two pilots on board were retrieved from the crash site by helicopter and airlifted to Ravensthorpe Airport,” WA Police said Monday evening.

“Both survived the crash with minor injuries and were conveyed to hospital via St John WA.”

The 737 took off from Busselton-Margaret River Regional Airport around 3:30 PM local time. 

Here's where the plane crashed, according to flight tracking data. 

Australian Transport Safety Bureau will soon investigate what triggered the plane to come down.