Boeing Slides As European Regulators Could Delay 737 MAX Return To Service 

European flight regulators have new concerns over the latest fixes to the flight-control system of the Boeing 737 MAX, according to The Wall Street Journal. This could severely delay the 737 MAX returning to the air, as Boeing's strategy to get the world's regulators onboard with approvals has now fallen apart.

Sources tell The Journal that European regulators are at disagreement over the software fixes, the issue has the potential to "prolong final vetting of the anticipated changes and may prompt European regulators to withhold their full support when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ultimately allows the planes back in the air." 

European regulators told senior US regulators that it wasn't convinced that FAA and Boeing officials had sufficiently demonstrated the safety of the new fixes to MAX flight-control computers. 

The news of more delays sent Boeing's equity slidding -1.5% at 8 am est.