From Bourbon Street To Country Clubs, Foot Traffic Remains Low As Recovery Stalls 

Bloomberg pulled data from Orbital Insight, a Californian-based geospatial analytics company that utilizes satellites, drones, balloons, and mobile-phone geolocation data to track ground activity, has determined the economic recovery "is not of a V-shape." 

By counting phone signals in popular nightlife hotspots, country clubs, mega malls, and high-end shopping districts in the US, for the last three months, the data offers a glimpse of how Wall Street completely misread the recovery shape. 

In five charts, here's where the recovery is stalling

Nightlife Hotspots

Country Clubs

Mega Malls

Ritzy Shopping Streets

While the Federal Reserve has the stock market propped up on easy money, multiple expansion, and pricing in the best possible scenario, Wall Street has misread the shape of the recovery that could result in a 1930s style decline in markets