Brands Cut Ties With Popular 'Mommy' Influencer Who "Re-Homed" Disabled Toddler

Brands are cutting ties with a popular Mommy YouTuber after she and her husband admitted they "re-homed" their adopted son, Huxley, a 4-year-old Chinese-born baby suffering from a sensory disability and severe autism.

During a video, the pair decided to address questions about why their son was no longer appearing in videos with them. The pair admitted that Huxley had been given to a "new mommy" who is "much better equipped" to take care of him in his new "forever home", including being a trained medical professional.

The pair didn't offer any additional information about the child's whereabouts, and apparently the fact that they were using terms typically applied to rescue animals  - and the offense this might cause - were lost on the two parents.

"As an adoptee, the term 'rehoming' is offensive, because it’s traditionally used with rescue and shelter animals as if they weren't the initial right fit. In adoptions of children, the term can be associated with placing children in new homes and, if not researched, that can (and has) put children in danger," said Lisa Cleary, author of "How to Survive a Breakup: When All of Your Friends are Birthing Their Second Child."
John DeGarmo, director of The Foster Care Institute and a foster care expert, said his initial reaction was, "Oh my goodness. Not again."

"I have experienced this in my own home. I had a child come to my home who was adopted by three different families," he told TODAY Parents.

Of course, Influencers have come in for special scorn this week, as several viral videos showed influencers pretending to help with the cleanup...

....or pretending to sympathize with the protesters...

...and we're likely to see more of this, since Coachella was cancelled this year...and Burning Man will likely see the same fate.