Brawls Erupt As Americans Panic Hoard Supplies Amid Pandemic  

So, this week, panic hoarding at Costco stores and other big-box retailers got a little more serious when it started on Thursday. Mostly because confirmed Covid-19 cases and deaths are surging across the country, as many fear, increasing coronavirus test kits made available to the public would reveal the true extent of the outbreak. Mass gatherings in many states are starting to be limited, education systems are closing down, and the federal government is now starting to enforce social distancing policies for all citizens, this all suggests, that an Italy-style lockdown could be on the horizon.

Anxieties are increasing this week as brawls have been reported at several big-box retailers. It was unclear what customers were fighting about. 

Here's footage on Thursday of a fight between two customers at a Brooklyn Costco.   

 A Sam's Club customer on Thursday was stabbed with a wine bottle over a pack of water in Hiram, Georgia. 

Local police at a Costco in Lynnwood, Washington, were keeping order on Saturday as hundreds of customers wrapped around the building, due to new social distancing policies that only allowed a certain amount of people in the store at one given time. 

A longline developed outside the Ann Arbor, Michigan Costco on Saturday. 

Now, this is crazy, a huge line extending down a street of people trying to get into La Habra, California Costco. 

At an undisclosed Costco, apparently all the chicken is gone. 

Shelves are bare at a Walmart.

A Target in Cincinnati, Ohio, limited customers to products on Saturday morning. 

Toilet paper supply at a Cincinnati, Ohio was out on Friday evening. 

All the fruit is gone at a supermarket in New Jersey around 5 pm Saturday. 

Customers clearing shelves at another Costco in California. 

Once the food runs out at grocery stores, consumers will start panic hoarding guns - oh wait, that's already happening...