Calculate Your Real COVID Risk Based On Age And Health Picture

As the faulty-PCR-test-driven 'casedemic' screams across America, the level of hysteria among media and leftist politicians is deafening. As a result of this 'panic', Americans face another round of draconian restrictions to their freedoms... because "science".

There's just one thing - there's "science" on both sides of this discussion (though you wouldn't know it based on the media's coverage and censorship).

So, for those who believe in real "science" and actual adult accountability, self-reliance, and responsibility, use the following calculator to understand your real risk of hospitalization, ICU admission, or death if you are exposed to COVID-19... (click the image to find the interactive calculator)


Perhaps, with that 'knowledge', Americans can make up their own minds on whether to accept the "guidances" from Democratic governors to hunker-down and talk in hushed tones to no one over Thanksgiving. As BofA writes:

"...people have become tired of the weird world of social distancing and have started to take more chances. They are also tired of shutdowns and are increasingly willing to accept worsening public health for a more open economy."

We suspect, when armed with some real risk of COVID knowledge, Americans (left and right) may not be so fast to accept the authoritarian bureaucrats' 'solutions'.