Chart Guru Torsten Slok Is Quitting: Here Is His Final Chartpack

For years, Deutsche Bank chief economis Torsten Slok was best known not for his macroeconomic calls or market outlook, but for the prodigious amount of original, insightful charts. Alas, the charts are coming to an end: in an email sent on Thursday, Slok said he is leaving Deutsche Bank and moving to private equity titan Apollo.

"After 15 years at Deutsche Bank, I am moving on to pursue another opportunity with one of the largest alternative investment managers in the world," the chart guru wrote.

In Slok's honor, and in hopes that many will pick up his charting torch, below we publish his latest Global Macro Outlook slides consisting of nearly 200 pages of charts covering everything from the impact of Covid, to the inflation vs deflation debate, to the unsustainable fiscal picture, to US election uncertainty.