Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Granting Interviews "Only To Black Or Brown Journalists"

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 - 01:11 PM

Ah, yes, another important "woke" step toward wiping out racism in the country: judging people by the color of their skin.

In which the Mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, most recently known for watching droves of her citizens flee the city during the chaos that broke out (and was emboldened by her office) in 2020, now is being accused of only granting interviews to people of color, according to Fox.

That's the allegation that reporters in Chicago are making, with NBC 5 Chicago political reporter Mary Ann Ahern expressing discontent on Twitter about her inability to get an interview with the mayor. She wrote: "As ⁦@chicagosmayor reaches her two year midway point as mayor, her spokeswoman says Lightfoot is granting 1 on 1 interviews - only to Black or Brown journalists."

Ahern's allegations were supported by another reporter, TTW Chicago Tonight anchor and correspondent Paris Schutz, who said; "I was told the same thing."

A third reporter echoed the allegations, when Chicago politics reporter Heather Cherone tweeted: "I can confirm". 

Despite this, Lightfoot still made an appearance on MSNBC with Stephanie Ruhle on Monday. Perhaps her closely held beliefs only apply to when she's not offered a chance to go on national television.

Lightfoot faced a backlash on social media, facing obvious allegations of racism for - well, being racist - and allegedly picking people to work with based on the color of their skin. 

During her Mensa-session with Ruhle on MSNBC, Lightfoot took the time to encourage her citizens to continue wearing masks despite new CDC guidance that says they're not mandatory for people who are vaccinated: "I know for me personally, I’m going to continue to wear a mask in public and I’m going to encourage others to do so. We’ve got to make sure that people are continuing to follow the public health guidance that has gotten us this far, and masks, I think, are a big and important part of that."