Citadel Ken Griffin Rises Up Against Left's "Cultural Revolution," Says Time To Embrace "Western Values"

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, May 12, 2024 - 07:30 PM

The woke takeover of America's higher education system, transforming classrooms into woke indoctrination camps, has been on full display over the last several years. More recently, the pro-Palestinian protests on campuses have been a shocking eye-opener for many, which only reveal America's future leaders are being transformed into toxic, leftist creatures, used as 'useful idiots' by leftist-funded non-governmental organizations (funded by you know who), in a sinister plan masqueraded underneath social justice movements to start an actual revolution, destroy capitalism, and ultimately, conquer America. 

If you don't believe us, we've got some news that might change your mind.

Late last month, one very outspoken speaker at a pro-Palestinian campus protest said the quiet part out loud:

 "There's only one solution, intifada revolution. We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the USA." 

The question law-abiding Americans need to ask is why leftist radicals in the Biden administration, who quite honestly hate America, allow toxic woke ideologies to flow through the education system, promoting hate and violence at colleges and universities. 

Entire education curriculums have been infected with Marxist teachings, and purple-haired folks who are confused about their gender are infecting the vulnerable minds of youngsters with woke ideologies such as diversity, equity and inclusion, and queer theory. 

With some calling for the federal government to intervene and save the republic from this chaos, the most unlikely heroes of our time are the billionaires, such as Elon Musk, Bill Ackman, and Ken Griffin, who are stepping up to the plate to defend Old Glory and the nation. 

Musk is on X, awakening the world's population to various forms of Marxism, pushed by dark money-funded NGOs, which is spreading across governments and society like stage four cancer. On the other hand, Ackman and Griffin have denounced woke Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, in very public ways. 

The latest is Griffin, who founded the $63 billion hedge fund Citadel. In an interview Saturday, Griffin told the Financial Times that Harvard needs to embrace "Western values." The school's major donor said the campus crisis is a byproduct of a "cultural revolution." 

He said the US had "lost sight of education as the means of pursuing truth and acquiring knowledge" over the past decade.

"The narrative on some of our college campuses has devolved to the level that the system is rigged and unfair, and that America is plagued by systemic racism and systemic injustice," he noted.

Griffin continued, "What you're seeing now is the end-product of this cultural revolution in American education playing out on American campuses, in particular, using the paradigm of the oppressor and the oppressed." 

"The protests on college campuses are almost like performative art, and we're not actually helping Palestinians or Israelis with these surreal protests," the billionaire said, adding that in previous humanitarian crises, Americans would focus on practical aid. 

As we've pointed out, the campus riots have nothing to do with helping the poor Palestinians. Similarly, adjacent pro-Palestinian protests, shutting critical infrastructure, such as highways, bridges, and airport terminals nationwide, have zero to do with helping these folks and everything to do with collapsing America. 

The woke cult has been activated and unleashed in the US, as its objective is to scream racism over and over until communism is installed. If that's the solution to their alleged problems - well - this should be a wakeup call - that communism has yet to work in the world - killing more than 100 million people and counting. 

Here's Morgan Freeman on ending racism:

FT asked Griffin on how to fix Harvard, and his response: 

 "Harvard should put front and centre [that it] stands for meritocracy in America and will educate the next generation of leaders in American business, government, healthcare, and the philanthropic community. Harvard will embrace our Western values that have built one of the greatest nations in the world, foster those values with students, and ask them to manifest these values throughout the rest of their life."

The billionaire added: "Freedom of speech does not give you the right to storm a building or vandalize it. That's not freedom of speech. That's just anarchy."

So again, the unlikely heroes of our time are an elite class of billionaires; they're strapping on their combat shoes in this culture war and are signaling enough is enough. 

Perhaps it's time to upload antivirus woke software in America's schools, not just higher education but the entire damn system in a major overhaul - we suspect the Trump admin team will do that.