CNBC China Reporter Pours Cold Water On Bloomberg's Unsourced Trade Deal Optimism

CNBC's Eunice Yoon pours cold water on Bloomberg's fake trade news equity future pump that was released around 4 am est.

Yoon tweeted, "My sources here say #China thought it had agreement in principle on tariff rollback in early Nov but President Trump backed away from it. So unclear how “close” two sides really are. 🤔 @business U.S., China Move Closer to #Trade Deal Despite Harsh Rhetoric."

E Mini S&500 futures slightly dipped on Yoon's tweet, but a broad market reaction has yet to be seen.

As a reminder today, E Mini S&P500 3100 handle will be a warzone -- likely to see more fake trade news or headlines to keep the stock market pump alive. But if the headlines become ineffective and a 3100 rejection is seen, then look out below! 

And we've highlighted in the past, the war of trade headlines versus Bloomberg and CNBC -- it just makes you wonder who is bullish and bearish.