Coronavirus Won't Turn You Into A 'Zombie,' Says Malaysian Government

As China sends 1,400 military medical staff to the Wuhan hospital region, the government's official death toll on Saturday night topped 300, with more than 14,550 cases reported globally.

Fear of a deadly outbreak continues to mount over the weekend. So much so, that the Malaysian government had to tell its citizens that coronavirus won't turn them into zombies. 

The official Twitter account for the Malaysian Ministry of Health tweeted Friday, dismissing rumors that coronavirus will spark a zombie apocalypse, reported China News Asia

The ministry tweeted, "The claim that individuals infected with this virus will behave like zombies is not true ... Patients can recover."

"The death rate is low (between two to three percent) as compared to MERS-CoV (around 34 percent) and SARS (about 10 percent)," the ministry added in the series of tweets directed at calming citizens and avoid panicking in the streets. 

The Royal Malaysia Police arrested six people for spreading misinformation about coronavirus last week, a statement from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission said.

So far, eight people in the country have been confirmed to have contracted the virus -- all were Chinese nationals. 

As far as coronavirus not turning people into zombies, here are several videos from China detailing otherwise: 

Governments across the world are concealing the severity of the deadly outbreak to avoid full-blown social destabilization, in their respected countries.