Could This Be Source Of Catastrophic Colorado Wildfire?

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Jan 02, 2022 - 07:15 PM

Speaking at a Saturday afternoon press conference, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle provided new details into the investigation of the wind-driven Marshall Fire that ripped through Superior, Louisville, and parts of unincorporated Boulder County (suburban areas of Denver) Thursday, destroying upwards of 1,000 building structures. 

Initially, Boulder officials said blown-down power lines were believed to have ignited the wildfires. But Pelle confirmed a new twist into the investigation that no downed power lines were found near the fire's origin. 

Pelle said several tips resulted in a search warrant in connection with the investigation into the fire's origin. He did not rule out arson or "reckless behavior."

"We have several tips we're working on," Pelle said. "We've executed a search warrant at one particular location we're investigating."

A reporter asked the sheriff whether a burning shed could be the source of the fire. Pelle responded, "It probably is."

Fox 31 Denver published a video of a small shed engulfed in flames just south of Marshall Road.

Pelle said there's no conclusive evidence about the cause of the fire. But, he said, "if it turns out to be arson or reckless behavior, we'll take appropriate actions. It was a red flag day, the day of the fire, so there shouldn't have been any burning."

Boulder officials also said three people are missing and are likely feared dead.

The Marshall Fire has been deemed the most destructive wildfire in Colorado state history.