"Ditch The Misinformers" - Neil Young Attacks Spotify CEO, Big Banks In Latest Open Letter

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Feb 08, 2022 - 05:33 PM

One day after Spotify CEO Daniel Ek penned a memo to Spotify employees explaining that "silencing Joe Rogan" isn't the answer, musician Neil Young hit back with another open letter of his own, this one urging Spotify employees to quit over the platform's spreading of "misinformation" - while also urging Americans to withdraw their money from the biggest US banks over their financing of fossil fuels.

Furthermore in his statement, Young criticized Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, insisting that he was the problem.

Speaking to Spotify employees, Young said: "I say Daniel Ek is your big problem - not Joe Rogan. Get out of that place before it eats up your soul. The only goals stated by Ek are numbers, not art, not creativity."

He also encouraged musicians and other artists to take their content elsewhere, while asking consumers to find something better to support "with their monthly checks."

"To the musicians and creators in this world, I say this: You must be able to find a better place than Spotify to be the home of your art."

Young pulled his music from Spotify last month, inspiring a handful of other musicians and podcasters to do the same, and setting off a controversy over the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast that has lurched from COVID misinformation to Rogan's "language around race".

"In our communication age, misinformation is the problem. Ditch the misinformers," Young said in the statement.

Young also urged people to move their money out of multinational banks JPMorgan, Citigroup, Bank of America and Wells Fargo , slamming them as "damage causers" for their work financing fossil fuel companies.

As Rolling Stone reports, Young saw a surge in streams and purchases of his music in the wake of his last open letter - so it only makes sense that he would issue another one.

While we'd love to hear Young explain how he expects humanity to power society without fossil fuels (the only option that's as dependable is nuclear power, but political resistance to nuclear has stymied its expansion).