England RFU Bans Transgender Women From Playing Female Rugby

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 01, 2022 - 09:45 AM

At least one sport has had enough of the transgender charade, wherein biological men have been routinely decimating biological women in their sports. 

Across the pond the Rugby Football Union and Rugby Football League has announced a new policy that bans transgender women - also known as biological males - from playing female rugby, according to Sky Sports

Last week the RFU Council and RFL Board approved the policy, with the RFU Council voting in favor of the new gender participation policy for rugby union in England, beginning in the 2022/23 season, by a vote of 33 to 26. Two people abstained.

The report says that the policy change means that "women" can only play rugby "if the sex originally recorded at birth is female."

"Inclusion is at the heart of rugby values and we will continue to work with everyone to keep listening, learning and finding ways to demonstrate there is a place for everyone in our game," said RFU President, His Honour Jeff Blackett.

He continued: "We know that many will be disappointed by this decision however, it has been based on all the scientific evidence available."

We're sure he means "scientific evidence" like the radical common sense idea that women shouldn't be getting their faces smashed in by biological males on the rugby pitch.

Sky Sports broke down the key points of the rule change:

  • Players in the female category only permitted to play if the sex originally recorded at birth is female.
  • In the male category, players whose sex recorded at birth is female may play if they provide their written consent and a risk assessment is carried out.
  • RFU Council voted in favour of updating its gender participation policy for rugby in England, with 33 in favour, 26 against and two abstaining.
  • This follows a detailed review of its policy in Autumn 2020, a game wide survey receiving over 11,000 responses.
  • New policy is 'prioritising safety of players', with it said 'the inclusion of trans people originally recorded male at birth in female contact rugby cannot be balanced'.
  • RFU committed to working with World Rugby and UK Sports Councils to ensure further research is conducted and to reviewing the policy on a regular basis.

The report concludes that the RFL Board also approved new rules for all players in contact rugby leagues, from U12s and above, where people will "only be permitted to play in the gender category of the sex that was originally recorded at birth".