#FakePoos Trends In Australia After Premier Cites "Non-Existent" Covid-Tainted Sewage As A Reason To Lock Down

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Aug 09, 2021 - 08:00 PM

Australians just found out the reasoning for their archaic-style lockdowns is worse than they thought.

The ugly truth came to light this week when Victoria Premier Dan Andrews admitted that he cited "non-existent coronavirus-tainted sewage" in his reasoning to lock down the state, RT reported.

In other words, Andrews faked that Covid was being carried in poop to justify a lockdown.

Andrews used the sewage excuse to help justify a 7 day statewide shutdown that went into effect on August 5. The shutdown was supposedly due to "wastewater detection" of Covid 19 in a city about 147 miles away from Melbourne.

Andrews first said the detection created the "potential that regional Victorians have been exposed to Covid-19", citing it as an excuse for locking down Victoria and prohibiting public gatherings. 

Wangaratta mayor Dean Rees challenged Andrews' explanation less than 24 hours later, after Andrews said the sewage initially "pinged" positive before testing negative. Then, regional health officially confirmed there had been "several successive tests returning negative results" after one positive detection on July 30. 

And it was with that, that #FakePoos started trending and angry Australians started to take to social media.

This prompted an admission of guilt by Andrews, who said: “We apologize. We try to get the best information out as quickly as we can. Nothing is perfect and no one has ever pretended that it is."

Even better, the lockdowns are set to be extended. Meanwhile, Australians remain vigilant in arguing that the current data doesn't justify lockdowns.