Fidelity Breaks For 2nd Time In A Week: Countless Accounts Showing Zero Balance

One week ago, when stocks were hitting all time highs as traders were blissfully ignoring all the same news that are sending markets crashing today, we reported that online brokerage Fidelity was true to its name and, well, broke, showing zero balances on countless accounts.  At the time we said that "while we assume this pesky "glitch" will be resolved promptly, we should point out that if the market were to ever again suffer a down day and should investors wish to sell some/all of their holdings, this would be a convenient way to quickly and efficiently prevent that from ever happening."

Little did we know that this hypothesis would be test just three days later, because as of Monday morning, with stocks crashing and the Dow on pace to wipe out all gains for 2020, Fidelity has once again gone dark with the website barely working, and with countless clients eager to put on some "hedging trades" or at least get the hell out of Dodge, unable to do so because as Fidelity helpfully informs them, they suddenly have zero assets in their possession.

Needless to say, Fidelity's (rapidly declining) clients are not too happy but this repeat fiasco, and are aggressively considering some rather flagrant Infidelity vis-a-vis their online broker in light of what has become an almost daily farce on high vol days: