Computer "Outage" Hits Canadian Flight System Hours After US System Went Down

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023 - 07:26 PM

Update (1426ET):

Nav Canada, the not-for-profit corporation that operates Canada's civil air navigation system, reports the Candian real-time safety alerts system for pilots, otherwise known as NOTAM -- short for Notice to Air Mission -- has been hit with an outage. 

So far, no delays have been attributed to the outage. 

"We are assessing impacts to our operations and will provide updates as soon as they are available," Nav Canada said. 

This is the second NOTAM system in North America over the last 12 hours that has been hit with outages. As we explained below, the US grounded all planes earlier this morning due to NOTAM outages but restored departures around 0900 ET. 

The disruption was enough to spark a travel nightmare for US travelers today and is worsening by the hour. The latest figures from flight tracking website FlightAware show 8,000 flights have been delayed and another 1,200 canceled. 

So how do authorities explain the US and Canada's NOTAM systems experiencing outages on the same day?

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Update (1210ET):

This is one travel mess the airlines can deflect and blame the federal government. 

Three hours after the FAA reopened the skies after a nationwide grounding of all commercial jets following a computer outage, there are 7,000 flights delayed and another 1,000 canceled, according to flight tracking website FlightAware. 

People are not happy with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg:

Remember FAA is too busy going 'woke' to care about other important things. 

Look what's trending on Twitter. 

People aren't happy with Buttigieg. 

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Update (0900ET):

"Normal air traffic operations are resuming gradually across the US following an overnight outage to the Notice to Air Missions system that provides safety info to flight crews. The ground stop has been lifted," FAA tweeted. 

But, grounding all domestic flights for hours has sparked travel chaos this morning. There are currently 4,000 delays within, into, or out of the US, flight tracking website FlightAware showed. Another 700 were canceled.

And then there's this...

​​​What a mess. At least airlines, this time around, can blame the government for flight disruptions. 

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Update (0742ET):

President Biden has been briefed about the FAA's system failure. 

And now domestic departures halts will extend 30 minutes until 0930 ET.


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Update (0730ET):

FAA ordered all airlines to halt domestic departures until 0900 ET. 

So far, 1,366 flights have been delayed within, into, or out of the US, flight tracking website FlightAware showed. Another 108 were canceled. 

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Update (0719ET): 

"The FAA is still working to fully restore the Notice to Air Missions system following an outage ... some functions are beginning to come back online, National Airspace System operations remain limited," FAA tweeted.

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Early Wednesday morning, the US Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) system that notifies pilots about hazards or any changes to airport facility services suffered an outage that might result in a nationwide grounding. 

The FAA wrote in an advisory update that its NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) system had "failed." The aviation agency provided no immediate estimate for when it would return online. 

"THE FAA is experiencing an outage that is impacting the update of NOTAMS. All flights are unable to be released at this time," the FAA said in a statement.

In a statement to NBC News, the FAA said, "Operations across the National Airspace System are affected." 

So far, 1,162 flights have been delayed within, into, or out of the US, flight tracking website FlightAware showed. Another 94 were canceled. 

Flights are being grounded nationwide. 

It's probably not a good time to fly this morning. 

Passengers are beginning to complain on social media about delayed flights.