Friday Humor: San Francisco Does "New" COVID-19 Math

Just in case you hadn't had enough of the utter hypocrisy of our ruling classes and liberal elites as they juggle unrequited support for anyone and everyone "protesting" vs the tyrannical need for groups of humans to remain locked up inside their homes, the San Francisco Bay Area just issued its new "rules" for 'gathering'...

h/t @EconomPic

Under the updated Contra Costa County health order, protests of up to 100 people will be permitted.    

Also allowed to reopen in Contra Costa County starting Wednesday are child care for everyone (not just children of essential workers and select others), business offices, sports team practices for up to 12 participants (but not games with other teams), Scouting-type gatherings of young people and summer camps with "cohorts" of up to 12 people each that don't mix with other groups. 

And so, for the hard of 'rithmetic, the math goes something like this:

Our leaders and their health professionals believe 100 "Protesters" are equally 'deadly' and equally likely to 'kill their granny' as 12 "non-protesters" who stayed at home.

This fantastic new cognitively dissonant math is "the latest step toward reopening our county is a reflection of our successful collective effort as a community to limit the spread of the virus,” county Health Officer Dr. Chris Farnitano said in a statement.

I know there’s a lot of frustration out there, but it’s important to  keep in mind that interventions like social distancing have saved lives.”  

Frustration indeed Chris!

As one wit pointed out, this would seem to also equate the contagion of 100 "protesting" Americans as being equally terrible as the contagion of 12 "non-protesting" Americans - that sounds very racist to us!!!


However, in the spirit of 'freedom', this new 'rule' inspired some rather exceptional entrepreneurial ideas...

Welcome to the Protest Bar and Grill™, Protest Child Care™, Protest Cinema™, and Protest Gym™.

We will be first in line.