GameStop Shares Soar As 'Roaring Kitty' Prepares For Live Stream Event

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Jun 06, 2024 - 05:45 PM

Shares of GameStop are moving higher on Thursday afternoon, approaching the highs seen earlier this week during 'meme' stock trader Keith Gill's (aka Roaring Kitty) second pump, around the $35-$40 range. This comes as Gill is preparing to host a YouTube livestream event on Friday. 

Zooming in:

Just moments ago, Gill, or as some on Wall Street theorize (Citron Research), others may be helping Roaring Kitty in the GameStop pump mania, posted a new livestream on his YouTube account. The livestream event says, "I'll Wager with you. I'll make you abet." The event is scheduled for Friday at 1200 ET. 

Roaring Kitty has placed a lengthy disclaimer on the YouTube livestream event: "The Roaring Kitty channel and live streams are for educational and entertainment purposes only. I don't provide personal investment advice or stock recommendations during the stream." 

The second pump was ignited on Sunday when Gill posted his ETrade account, showing GME stock valued at $115.7 million, $65.7 million in GME short-term options, and $29 million in cash. 

On the other hand, reports suggest that ETrade might take action against Gill, and at least one securities regulator is currently investigating him for potential stock manipulation.