Goldman: Everyone Is Now Hedged For A Crash; If CNBC Starts "Markets In Turmoil" Brace For A Huge Short Squeeze

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jan 31, 2022 - 11:22 AM

In the end it was very close, but the bullish view of Goldman's flow trader Scott Rubner proved accurate, even if it was a nail-biter with the S&P closing just barely green on the week after tumbling on several occasions last week only to stage one remarkable recovery after another. So what does Goldman's veteran trader think will happen this week, when with China closed for its New Year holiday,  liquidity will be even below last week's abysmal levels? As Rubner writes in his latest weekly Tactical Flow of Funds checklist, "Equity Supply vs. Demand Imbalance continues ...but improves in February."

Here are the three questions most asked of the Goldman trading desk as we enter week five of the 2022, along with Rubner's answer.

I. What is the current market consensus on week 4 into the snowy weekend?