A Hamster Trading Cryptos Since June 12 Is Up 24% And Has Outperformed Bitcoin And The S&P 500

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Sep 27, 2021 - 05:55 PM

There's a very good reason the expression a "monkey throwing a dart could make money in this market" exists.

But its not a monkey proving that point nowadays: it's a hamster. And it's not stock tickers: it's crypto.

That's right, a livestreamed hamster affectionately named Mr. Goxx has been independently trading a portfolio of cryptocurrencies since June 12 and is up "nearly 24%" since then, Insider reports.

In other words, the hamster is beating not only bitcoin, but the S&P 500, since it started trading. 

The hamster's Twitter feed, @mrgoxx, has been documenting its daily performance and every trade it makes. 

The hamster trades from an area called the "Goxx Box", which is an office attached to the hamster's home that allows the hamster to perform "various exercises" that execute crypto trades. 

The hamster first runs on an "intention wheel" that picks one of 30 cryptos to trade. Then it runs through a "decision tunnel" that determines whether its trade will be a buy or a sell. 

The portfolio was funded with about $390 and the hamster's trades are automatically made in 20 euro increments. As of Friday, the hamster has profits of 77 euros and its portfolio has hit a high of almost $580. 

Currently, the hamster holds Ether, Tron and Ripple's XRP.