Hartnett: "Stock Lows To Be Tested One Last Time In Coming Months, And Then The Dollar May Collapse"

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Mar 18, 2023 - 04:28 PM

“Past decade US assets and dollar were rewarded for having Silicon Valley…next 10 years they’ll lose their premium due to Silicon Valley.” - Michael Hartnett, Heard on the Street I

“Euro length about as large as I’ve seen in my career so if Euro can get above its Covid low (1.06) and catch…you know the dollar is toast.” - Michael Hartnett, Heard on the Street II

By now we should have made abundantly clear why BofA CIO Michael Hartnett is our favorite Wall Street strategist and it goes far beyond his at times surreal ability to call major market inflection points (as he has done every time in the past year and which we discussed in detail last week). It's really his outside the box forecasts such as this one from exactly one month ago, that make Hartnett stand out...