Harvard University Shows Students How To Milk Welfare System

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by Tyler Durden
Thursday, Aug 17, 2023 - 12:40 AM

Earlier this year, Harvard University organized an event for graduate students, informing them how to milk the welfare system typically used by low-income families, not college students. 

The Ivy League university's endowment is upwards of $50 billion, making it the wealthiest academic institution in the world; sent a flier to graduate students, urging them to participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in March, according to Vice

The flier reads: "Fuel your body & stock your pantry. Did you know that grad students may qualify for assistance paying for food & groceries?"

The university's welfare advice comes as graduate students have demanded that Harvard increase all graduate student workers' yearly wage to $60,000 from the current $40,000. These workers have gone on strike twice in recent years over low pay. Much of the distress is because the progressive city of Boston has out-of-control living expenses, including shelter and food. 

A Harvard spokesperson told Vice in an email earlier this year that the flier would help students sign up for welfare. 

... and it appears Harvard isn't the only university encouraging grads to utilize welfare.