"It Was Just A Big Poker Game": Michael Dell Talks Dealing With Carl Icahn, Semi Shortage, In New Interview

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Oct 15, 2021 - 11:30 PM

Among what are likely pages of overused boring business anecdotes, Michael Dell's new book, "Play Nice But Win: A CEO’s Journey From Founder to Leader", also includes an interesting look at doing business with Carl Icahn. 

Dell recently sat down with Bloomberg for an interview and revealed some of the book's details, as well as his take on current events in the semiconductor industry, which has been experiencing a year long shortage.. 

Speaking about when Carl Icahn took a stake in Dell and tried to prevent the company from going public, Dell said: "I didn’t really have much experience dealing with someone who would just go on television and lie."

He claimed that after confronting Icahn, he found out that the "activist" didn't even have a plan for the company.

Dell said: "I did go to his house and confront him, and I saw he didn’t have any plan whatsoever for the company. To him it was just a big poker game."

In other news, Dell believes that the semiconductor shortage could wind up persisting. 

"It takes about three years to build a new semiconductor plant. We’re only 18 months into this," he told Bloomberg. "We’ve heard from our customers that our supply chain is functioning well. They may not like the lead time, but it’s predictable and reliable."

Dell pointed out that he thought government should do more to provide infrastructure for semiconductors in the United States. 

"When you have China investing so aggressively in these strategic areas and the U.S. and Europe not, it creates a real challenge," he said.