Baby From Nirvana's "Nevermind" Album Cover Sues Band For Profiting From Child Porn

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by Tyler Durden
Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021 - 07:07 PM

The famous baby on the cover of Nirvana's "Nevermind" album - now at the grown-up age of 30, has taken #metoo and snowflake culture to its absurd extreme, and sued the band claiming "sexual exploitation" as a result of the "child porn" photograph. 

Spencer Elden is claiming that his parents "never signed a release" authorizing the use of his image for the album cover, according to the BBC.  Elden is also claiming that the nude image "constitutes child pornography" even though non-sexualized photos of infants aren't generally considered child pornography.

The suit argues that the inclusion of the dollar bill on the album's cover "makes the minor seem like a sex worker". 

"The images exposed Spencer's intimate body part and lasciviously displayed Spencer's genitals from the time he was an infant to the present day," his lawsuit states.

Elden claims his "true identity and legal name are forever tied to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor which has been distributed and sold worldwide from the time he was a baby to the present day".

The lawsuit further states that Nirvana had promised to cover his genitals in the photo with a sticker, but that they never followed through on the promise. 

The suit alleges that the defendants used child pornography as an "essential element of a record promotion scheme", according to additional details reported by RT:

According to the suit, the defendants used “child pornography depicting Spencer” as an “essential element of a record promotion scheme” commonly used in the music industry to get attention. In this alleged scheme, “album covers posed children in a sexually provocative manner to gain notoriety, drive sales, and garner media attention, and critical reviews.”

It also claims that – despite having “knowingly produced, possessed, and advertised commercial child pornography” depicting Elden and having “knowingly received value in exchange for doing so” – the defendants “failed to take reasonable steps to protect Spencer and prevent his widespread sexual exploitation and image trafficking.”

Elden says he "has suffered and will continue to suffer lifelong damages" as a result of the artwork, including "extreme and permanent emotional distress" as well as "interference with his normal development and educational progress" and "medical and psychological treatment", the BBC reported.

He is seeking damages of "at least $150,000" from each of the 15 defendants on the lawsuit, who include surviving band members Dave Grohl and Kris Novoselic and Kurt Cobain's former wife Courtney Love. 

Despite supposedly being scarred for life by the album cover, Elden had re-enacted it several times as a teenager and adult to mark the 10th, 20th and 25th anniversaries of the album. 

He told Time in 2016: "It's hard not to get upset when you hear how much money was involved. [When] I go to a baseball game and think about it: 'Man, everybody at this baseball game has probably seen my little baby penis,' I feel like I got part of my human rights revoked."

The full lawsuit can be read here:

Elden v. Nirvana L.L.C. et al by Pitchfork News