Inflation Expectations Hit 41-Year-Highs As UMich Survey 'Hope' Fades During The Month

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Apr 29, 2022 - 02:08 PM

After plunging to decade-lows, the final print for April's UMich sentiment was expected to confirm the preliminary 'rebound'. However, 'expectations' actually fell notably during the month from a preliminary 64.1 to a final 62.5 as hope faded during the month (but still up from February's 11 year low at 54.3). Currentr conditions actually improved further on the month from 68.0 prelim to 69.4 final. All of which lifted the headline UMich sentiment indicator

Source: Bloomberg

Buying Conditions slipped lower for vehicles, homes (a new record low), and large appliances...

Source: Bloomberg

“Prospects for personal finances improved in April, reversing last month’s negative balance of opinion.”

“Importantly, the gains were widely shared across income and age groups largely due to the notion that gas prices had peaked.”

And finally - and perhaps most notably - UMich's inflation expectations for next year rose to 5.4% - the highest since Oct 1981...

Source: Bloomberg

No breathing room for The Fed here.