iPhones With 'Fortnite' Are Listed On eBay For $15,000 

As Epic Game's battle over Apple's 30% App Store fee enters the seventh day - Fortnite, the popular videogame, developed by Epic, is still removed from the App Store. This has resulted in potentially profitable arbitrage opportunities for people who have iPhones with the installed app are listing their phones on eBay and other online marketplaces for upwards of $15,000. 

While the game has been removed from the App Store, Apple has yet to remove it from user devices, which means anyone who had previously installed the game can still access it. 

A search of eBay and Facebook Marketplace for search term "iPhone Fortnite" turns up hundreds of listings:  

Searching "iPhone Fortnite" on eBay categorized under "most expensive:" 

An Apple iPhone XS Max with Fortnite currently (Aug. 20 (9:40ET)) has a bid of around $4,100. 

More results came up while searching Facebook Marketplace in New York City. Iphones with the app were listed for a few thousand dollars. 

And the reason fools are paying thousands of dollars for an iPhone with Fortnite, is that the game, in some respects, is "as addictive as cocaine."