Iranian MPs Pass Bill Labeling All US Military Personnel "Terrorist Entities"

Lawmakers of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on Tuesday have labeled the Pentagon and its affiliates as terrorist entities under a new law, according to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA). 

Iran’s new legislation was overwhelmingly approved by 223 lawmakers, according to IRNA. The law comes in response to the US' assassination of top Iranian general Qasim Suleimani last Friday. 

The law states, "all members of the Pentagon, all affiliated companies, institutions, agents and commanders," are now considered terrorist organizations in the eyes of Iran. 

This means, all those Silicon Valley technology companies that have contracts with the Pentagon, are now all classified as terrorist organizations and could be targeted if war broke out.

The nation's Supreme National Security Council has already designated the U.S. Central Command as a terrorist organization. 

The Trump administration recently identified the IRGC as a terrorist group after Trump pulled out of the 2016 nuclear deal with Iran. 

As both countries are designating each other as a terrorist organization, Iran is now on the verge of conducting a retaliation attack against the U.S. 

President Trump has warned that if retaliation is seen, the U.S. military will strike 52 "very high level" Iranian cultural and state targets.

Iran responded Tuesday and said it has considered 13 "revenge scenarios" in retaliation for Soleimani's killing.

Fars News Agency quoted Iranian Supreme National Security Council secretary Ali Shamkhani on Tuesday as saying that "even if there is consensus on the weakest scenario, carrying it out can be a historic nightmare for the Americans."