Residents Demand Resignation Of NJ Councilwoman Who Hit Bicyclist In SUV & Fled Scene

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Aug 21, 2022 - 05:00 PM

As if we didn't see enough "laws for thee, but not for me" from Democratic politicians during Covid...

Now one Democratic Jersey City councilwoman has taken the adage to the next level. Amy DeGise is facing calls to resign after video allegedly shows her hitting a bicyclist with her car and then leaving the scene of the accident. 

She had a green light during the incident and the bicyclist did not, but she still left the scene. The bicyclist survived the incident, but suffered injuries. 

DeGise was reportedly cited for failure to report an accident and leaving the scene of an accident. 

More than 100 people showed up to the city's council meeting this past week, protesting that DeGise should step down from her position. DeGise refused to do so, however. 

"I’m not resigning. For those who call for my resignation, you are heard and I understand that you have concerns and questions that I respect and would enjoy any type of dialogue or discussion with you after I go to court," she said, according to Fox News and the Washington Examiner

She continued: “I’m appreciative of everyone who came out and had to stay tonight. I’m appreciative and so grateful for the people who have reached out to support me or just want to wait until that court process goes on to ask me any further questions [or] to pry anymore. I cannot make it through these days without you."

The bicyclist was in the middle of making deliveries for Uber Eats. He told CBS: "Like if you hit someone that speed and just drive away, it seems like that's not nice to me." 

The same councilwoman was caught on body camera last November, pleading with police, after her car was illegally parked, with an expired registration, being towed and impounded. 

"I'm a councilwoman!" she is heard pleading with the officer, before telling him that she has called "John Allen" at "the mayor's office" to try and help her resolve her issue.