Judge Blocks JEDI Cloud Contract Amid Bezos Backlash

Just a day after buying the most expensive home in America, Jeff Bezos had another win today as a judge just ordered a temporary block on Microsoft's work on the Pentagon JEDI cloud contract in response to a suit filed by Amazon. 

CNBC reports that a court notice announcing the injunction was filed on Thursday, but wasn’t public. It’s unclear why the documents were sealed.

After losing The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, cloud contract to Microsoft last October, Amazon has been protesting the move, saying that it was driven in part by President Trump’s bias against the company.

As CNBC reports, last month, Amazon’s cloud-computing arm AWS filed a formal motion asking the court to pause Microsoft’s work on the JEDI cloud contract, claiming the evaluation process included “clear deficiencies, errors and unmistakable bias.” The court granted that motion on Thursday.

Amazon’s top spokesperson Jay Carney (yes that Jay Carney), told CNBC on Wednesday that the company is protesting the decision to make sure the award process was “free of political interference.”

After the ruling, MSFT shares are down and AMZN up...