Judge Judy Says Trump's NYC Hush Money Trial Was "Nonsense" And She "Resents" It As A Taxpayer

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 22, 2024 - 07:45 PM

There's going to be a lot of conflicted daytime TV viewers who count both The View and Judge Judy in their daily lineup after this one...

One of Manhattan's favorite judges, TV icon Judge Judy Sheindlin, weighed in on Donald Trump's criminal "hush money" trial last week in an interview with Chris Wallace, calling the spectacle "nonsense". 

Sheindlin, known for her show "Judge Judy," discussed former President Trump's recent felony conviction with CNN's Wallace. Sheindlin, a Brooklyn native, expressed her disapproval of Trump's Manhattan prosecution.

"Trump was indicted in 4 separate cases," Wallace asked Judy. "Is that the justice system working?"

She responded to Wallace: “I would be happier as someone who owns property in Manhattan, if the district attorney of New York County would take care of criminals who are making it impossible for citizens to walk in the streets and use the subway..."

" use his efforts to keep those people off the street, than to spend 5 million or ten million of taxpayers money trying Donald Trump on this nonsense,” she continued. 

"I, as a taxpayer in this country, resent using the system for your own personal self-aggrandizement," she said.

The former family court judge, who is known for being ruthless on the stand, said that even she couldn't figure out what the charges against Trump were: “You had to twist yourself into a pretzel to figure out what the crime was, he doesn’t like [Trump].”

"I think he was a good businessman, a real estate guy, and he was certainly terrific on The Apprentice," Judy is seen saying in the clip. 

Despite this, Judy isn't all sold on Trump, telling Wallace: “I don’t think that Donald ever should have been president, and I don’t think that even Donald thought he was going to be president.”