Photos Of Jeffrey Epstein's NYC Mansion From 2019 FBI Raid Are Inadmissible In Maxwell Trial, Judge Rules

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by Tyler Durden
Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021 - 12:18 PM

FBI photos from Jeffrey Epstein's New York City mansion are being kept out of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial in what is being called a "setback" for prosecutors 

After the rulings, Maxwell appeared "elated" at the end of court for the day. She was "smiling with her arm around one of her attorneys, Bobbi Sternheim," according to the Miami Herald

Last Friday the defense made the argument that the jury should not be allowed to see the "lurid" photos that were taken during a 2019 raid of Epstein's mansion.

Among the photos were "images of framed pictures in his home that showed a partially clad prepubescent girl," the report said. 

The prosecution claimed the photos were “evidence of Jeffrey Epstein’s lifestyle” that “contradicts the public persona presented by the defense.”

While Judge Alison Nathan allowed two similar photos from Epstein's Palm Beach mansion into evidence, she didn't allow the New York City photos in question to be used. Nathan said prosecutors didn't reason as to how photos from 2019 were relevant to a crime that took place 25 years ago. She also said prosecutors didn't explain "what they had to do with Maxwell".

On top of the photographs, the prosecution revealed on Friday that the FBI "also found a bag of 'very small' schoolgirl costumes near Epstein’s massage room."

Recall, we have been publishing developments in testimony during the trial as they occur.

Maxwell, we wrote in late November, has reportedly not been enjoying her stay in prison as the trial unfolds. 

Maxwell's lawyers have complained that she is "suffering weight loss, hair loss and failing eyesight because of her time in jail," the report says. 

Her lawyers have compared her incarceration to that of “Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s incarceration” as a result of Feds trying to make up for the “incompetence” in handling Jeffrey Epstein's incarceration.