Kentucky AG Complies With Order To Release Grand Jury Records From Breonna Taylor Case

The AP just reported that, in a landmark decision that will inevitably heap more scrutiny on the grand jury's decision in the Breonna Taylor case, Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron has agreed to comply with a judge's order to release grand jury proceedings from the case after a juror filed a motion on Monday demanding the materials be released.

According to media reports, the unnamed juror filed the motion on Monday seeking release of the records because they felt Cameron had misled the public during his press briefing announcing the grand jury's decision to charge one of the officers indicted in Taylor's death with wanton reckless for firing gunshots into a neighboring apartment.

As the tweet above notes, the motion to release the proceedings was filed by a member of the Grand Jury in a motion that suggested the AG's public comments about the case didn't align with the evidence presented to the Grand Jury. It essentially accuses AG Daniel Cameron of manipulating the outcome of the decision by, among other things, limiting the discussion of charges.

During the press conference where Cameron announced the charges, the juror alleges that the AG misrepresented what evidence was shown to the grand jury. It might be an attempt to deflect blame amid a vicious public backlash to the decision. On the other hand, many on the left will likely take it as proof that Cameron tampered in the decision in an attempt to bolster his own political ambitions.

It's worth noting that many legal experts doubted the officers would be charged with murder in Taylor's death due to the fact that her boyfriend fired first. Kentucky has strict 'stand your ground' laws.

Here's the complete motion...

Scanned.motion.gj.Release (1) by Zerohedge on Scribd

...We now wait for the grand jury materials to be released by the AG's office, or leaked to the NYT, whichever happens first.