List Reveals US Cities With Most Ultra-High-Net Worth Homeowners

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Mar 11, 2023 - 04:20 AM

A new report by data firm Altrata revealed the top ten cities worldwide with the most homeowners worth at least $30 million, and six of them were located in the United States. At the very top of the list was New York City. 

The report found 21,714 individuals classified as ultra-high-net-worth (worth at least $30 million) owned a primary or secondary residence in the Northeast metro area. 

London and Hong Kong ranked second and third on the list. As for the rest of the US cities that made the list, they include:

#4 Los Angeles

#5 Miami 

#6 San Francisco

#9 Chicago 

#10 Washington, DC

Here's the full list:

Source: Bloomberg 

The list is primarily dominated by US cities, with Aspen having the highest concentration of superrich residents. In fact, the ratio in Aspen is one in 67, making the density of superrich individuals in this Colorado mountain resort town 15 times greater than that of New York City.

"These qualities offer considerable scope for wealthy individuals in search of a secondary home to stay in the country rather than look abroad," the report said.