Listen Live: Elon Musk And RFK Jr. Discuss 2024

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by Tyler Durden
Monday, Jun 05, 2023 - 05:50 PM

Robert Kennedy Jr., the pro-crypto, pro-border, pro-gun, anti-vax, Ukraine-skeptic Democrat 2024 challenger to President Joe Biden, is, for some reason, being heavily censored by mainstream press.

Enter Elon Musk, who will be hosting a "Twitter Spaces" event with RFK Jr. moderated by tech entrepreneur and investor David Sacks. Click image below to be directed to Twitter Spaces (no embed available). Let's hope this goes better than the DeSantis discussion's beginning.

According to Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, RFK Jr. is the best Democratic candidate. Dorsey endorsed Kennedy in a Sunday tweet, appearing to agree with the assertion that he can score a Democratic victory over GOP rivals Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

Kennedy who founded the anti-vaccine charity, Children's Health Defense, was a strong early opponent of Covid-19 vaccine mandates, and was heavily censored on social media for speaking out against it. Prior to announcing his candidacy for 2024, Kennedy said that his "top priority" were he to become president would be to seek an end to "the corrupt merger between state and corporate power."

He also told "Stay Free" podcast host Russell Brand that President Biden is 'using Ukrainians for neocon political machinations.'

"And Ukraine today is a victim of U.S. aggression... because our government has admitted, President Biden has admitted that this, the old neocon asperation, this war is about getting rid of Putin, and [Biden's] Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin acknowledged in April 2022 that... the U.S. purpose of engaging this war is to exhaust and degrade the Russian army so they're incapable of fighting anywhere else in the world. So that is our objective in this war. And it is a proxy war that is using the bodies of the flower of Ukrainian youth, putting them into an abattoir where they are being mercilessly killed.

They aren't even admitting this, the Pentagon isn't admitting this. The Ukrainian government doesn't admit it. They have lost over 300,000 Ukrainian soldiers. Ukrainians are trying to leave Ukraine, and it is now illegal to leave Ukraine if you['re below 55 years of age and male.

And they've killed 14,000 civilians, there's 60% unemployment, the infrastructure of the county has been destroyed for U.S. geopolitical machinations. And it is just not right. -RealClear Politics

Meanwhile, Kennedy is a big fan of crypto - calling Bitcoin an "innovation engine," while criticizing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) as tools that can "vastly magnify the government’s power to suffocate dissent by cutting off access to funds with a keystroke."

On May 3, Kennedy also condemned the Biden administration’s proposed tax on crypto mining. He called the proposed 30% tax on energy used by crypto miners “a bad idea,” and claimed that while mining’s energy use was “a concern” it’s “somewhat overstated.” -Coin Telegraph

And Kennedy says he wouldn't consider immigration amnesty until he's sure the border is secure.

"I don’t think anybody can talk credibly about giving amnesty or any other of those allusions until we can assure Americans that the borders are closed," he told the Epoch Times;

He called the question of amnesty a “secondary issue” to the broader matter of border security.

He added that it’s an issue that’s “a lot easier to solve, with a lot less poison and vituperation, if Americans know that the borders are now sealed.

I don’t think there’s anything we can do until we do that.”

Asked what his first actions in office would be if elected, Kennedy said he’d seek bipartisan consensus on important issues. The border was the first such issue that the nephew of President John F. Kennedy referenced.

“We all agree a nation can’t exist if it has a porous border,” Kennedy said.

The issue of an amnesty, Kennedy said, is one “that needs to be discussed after the border is closed. I don’t think any American is going to be happy with any solution until we make sure that you know, the border’s closed.”

Under President Joe Biden, illegal border crossings have reached never-before-seen levels, with as many as half a million illegal aliens coming in through the southern border with Mexico annually.

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You can listen to the RFK-Musk conversation at the link in the first tweet.