Louis Vuitton Under Fire For "Absolutely Disgusting" Palestinian Headscarf Knockoff

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by Tyler Durden
Friday, Jun 04, 2021 - 09:20 PM

Popular Instagram account "Diet Prada," with close to 3 million followers, called out LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, commonly known as LVMH, for selling an overpriced headscarf inspired by the traditional Palestinian keffiyeh. 

"So LVMH's stance on politics is "neutral," but they're still making a $705 logo-emblazoned keffiyeh, which is a traditional Arab headdress that's become a symbol of Palestinian nationalism. Hmmmm…" Diet Prada said. The post includes multiple hashtags in support of "Free Palestine." 

"A jacquard weave technique is used to create the intricate Monogram patterns on its base of blended cotton, wool and silk," the description of LVMH's $705 "monogram keffieh stole" read. "Soft and lightweight with fringed edges, this timeless accessory creates an easygoing mood."

Diet Prada, with such a vast audience, sparked backlash for LVMH's headscarf across social media. It appears, as of Thursday, the product listing on the company's website doesn't exist anymore

The timing of the product release comes after the Israeli–Palestinian conflict erupted last month. Louis Vuitton's color choices appear similar to Israel's flag and perhaps taking a political position. 

Over the years, the keffiyeh headscarf has come to symbolize Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation

Social media users were outraged by the brand's insensitivity, calling it out for "cultural appropriation." 

Louis Vuitton is not the only fashion designer selling overpriced knockoffs of Palestinian keffiyehs. Fendi, an Italian luxury fashion brand, has released its own take on the headscarf, selling it for $835. This is capitalism at work. 

At least Louis Vuitton's "monogram keffieh stole" had to word stole(n) in it...