Massive Fire Breaks Out After Immigrant Protest Near Central Paris Train Station

A massive fire has broken out in southeastern Paris near the Gare de Lyon train station. The fire has prompted police to evacuate the area. 

French police said the train station was evacuated and advised people to avoid the area. They didn't elaborate on the cause of the fire. 

The UK's Express suggests that the fire was started by a group of protestors voicing their opposition to a music concert by Congolese singer Fally Ipupa. Twitter videos are emerging of streets around the train station engulfed in flames. 

Riot police are moving in to counter the protestors. 

Gare de Lyon train station is one of six mainline railway station terminals in Paris. It's estimated that 90 million passengers use the rail station each year. The shutdown of the station could mean rail transportation in the city will be disrupted heading into the weekend. 

Here's a live feed of the emergency response in Paris.