Majority Of US Cities With Most Murders Are Governed By Democrats

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by Tyler Durden
Saturday, Jun 10, 2023 - 08:00 PM

The Finance website Insider Monkey used the latest homicide data to find which US cities have the highest number of murders so far this year. It is no surprise that many of the most dangerous metros are run by Democrats. 

Insider Monkey compiled a list of 30 US cities using the FBI's Quarterly Uniform Crime Report and police department data. For simplicity reasons, we're only concentrating on half of the list -- so 1-15. 

And what we discovered is that metros between 1-15 were all controlled by Democrats. Not shocking whatsoever, considering their social justice reform policies are backfiring and turning many metro areas into crime-ridden hellholes. 

Here are the top five most murderous cities so far this year: 

1. Chicago, Illinois: Murders in 2023: 166

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Murders in 2023: 165

3. Phoenix, Arizona: Murders in 2023: 137

4. Dallas, Texas: Murders in 2023: 126

5. Baltimore, Maryland: Murders in 2023: 112

And the rest... 

6. Houston, Texas: Murders in 2023: 109

7. Los Angeles, California: Murders in 2023: 102

8. New York City, New York: Murders in 2023: 100

9. Indianapolis, Indiana: Murders in 2023: 96

10. Kansas City, Missouri: Murders in 2023: 96

11. Detroit, Michigan: Murders in 2023: 89

12. Washington, DC: Murders in 2023: 89

13. Louisville, Kentucky: Murders in 2023: 89

14. Memphis, Tennessee: Murders in 2023: 81

15. St. Louis, Missouri: Murders in 2023: 65

The best thing law-abiding Americans can do if they're fed up with out-of-control crime spurred by Democrats' failed social justice reforms is to issue recall votes. That's exactly what San Francisco residents did with Soros-backed District Attorney Chesa Boudin last year. People can take it one step further and boycott these cities.