Meet The 'Covidiot': "A Dense Creature That Ignores Simple Instructions, Endangers Others"

"Are you seriously going to visit grandma? Dude, don't be such a covidiot." ​​​​​​​

That covidiot is hugging everyone she sees," – Urban Dictionary. 

On Saturday, a new term caught the internet by storm, that is, 'Covidiot' – and first defined on Urban Dictionary, with the top definition:

"Someone who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety. A person who hoards goods, denying them from their neighbors."

The second most popular definition for Covidiot on the crowdsourced online dictionary is: "A stupid person who stubbornly ignores 'social distancing' protocol, thus helping to further spread Covid-19."

One of the oddest definitions on the site was ranked number 11, which states: "A dense creature who ignores simple instructions and put life of others in danger."  

Anyone who has taken English class, and or even maybe a few years of Latin, can easily see the breakdown of Covidiot: COVID-19, minus -19, and, well, the word idiot.

On March 21, Covidiot became an internet sensation, and Google search trends for the word spiked throughout the weekend. Other search-related queries that trended on Google were: "Covidiot means," "Covidiot meaning," Covidiot definition," "Covidiot Oxford dictionary," and "Covidiot meme."

For your enjoyment, here are some Covidiots: