Meet The "Woke" Rating Score Prompting Brands Like Nike And Bud To Hire Trans Influencers For Ads

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by Tyler Durden
Sunday, Apr 09, 2023 - 08:00 PM

We may finally have an answer to why Budweiser knowingly decided to torch its brand and its customer base by entrusting its marketing and ad strategy to a man in a women's clothing drinking beer in a bubble bath. Like everyone else, it appears it's simply to try and appease the "woke" lobby, likely in hopes of preventing them from "turning" on their brand for not being diverse enough. 

Now, during the slow ongoing death of ESG - there's apparently yet another scorecard that companies are striving to abide by in order to make sure they are adhering to society's expectations as it relates to virtue signaling.

It's called the Corporate Equality Index — or CEI — score, according to a new report from the NY Post. And it's the reason that companies like Nike and Anheuser-Busch are committing brand suicide hiring people like trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. 

As the Post notes, the score is monitored by the Human Rights Campaign, the largest LGBTQ+ political lobbying group in the world. So, in other words, keep your score high or expect this at the front door of your corporate headquarters...

And of course, the HRC has "received millions from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation", the report notes. It can award or subtract points for companies based on its rating criteria, which includes “Workforce Protections,” “Inclusive Benefits,” “Supporting an Inclusive Culture,” “Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Citizenship.”

The goal is to ascertain the top score of 100 points and earn the coveted (pause for laughter) title of “Best Place To Work For LGBTQ Equality.” 15 of 20 Fortune top ranked companies got 100% ratings last year, the report notes. More than 840 companies total had high CEI scores. 

The scores are, of course, based on meeting the "demands" of the HRC, the Post wrote:

A company can lose CEI points if it doesn’t fulfill HRC’s demand for “integration of intersectionality in professional development, skills-based or other training” or if it doesn’t use a “supplier diversity program with demonstrated effort to include certified LGBTQ+ suppliers.”

James Lindsay, a political podcaster who runs a site called New Discourses, told The Post that the Human Rights campaign administers the CEI ranking “like an extortion racket, like the Mafia.

Presidential hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy commented: “The big fund managers like BlackRock all embrace this ESG orthodoxy in how they apply pressure to top corporate management teams and boards and they determine, in many cases, executive compensation and bonuses and who gets re-elected or re-appointed to boards.”

He concluded: “They can make it very difficult for you if you don’t abide by their agendas.”